Best Car Insurance In Washington State 2021
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Best Car Insurance In Washington State 2021

Washington’s population has increased day by day almost 900,000 residents between 2010 and 2019 . If you’re one of these new Washingtonians, then don’t forget that car insurance rates are more affordable here than anywhere else!
Car insurance rates for Washington state residents include factors such as driver safety record (DUI & traffic tickets), age (teen drivers pay up!), gender(you’re paying less if you’re female!) address-rural vs urban areas will cost you different prices; credit scores also affect which company offers the cheapest auto coverage so knowing your score is important.


You’ll see rates for the largest auto insurance companies and why they vary across different parts of Washington. We’ll also delve into Washington’s car insurance requirements and discounts, as well as how weather factors in on your premium.
Washington drivers usually pay less than most states for full coverage (and even if you live in a state with more accidents).

The average cost is $1,176 per year according to Bankrate’s study from 2021. However, there are some extra considerations that come along with living here: foggy mornings or heavy snow will affect what kind of rate you get when shopping around—just make sure not to skip any steps before getting quotes! For those in Washington state, the safety of driving is a top priority. In 2019 alone, drivers traveled 62.5 million miles and experienced 494 fatal crashes with 519 fatalities due to car accidents on their highways.

This blog will provide u knowledge about Best Car Insurance In Washington State 2021
The process for purchasing insurance can be difficult when there are so many factors that you may not have considered before such as cost or what coverage would best suit your needs but it’s important to do your research before making any final decisions about this serious matter.

We’ll take a closer look at some of these factors below:

Best Car Insurance In Washington State 2021

Best Car Insurance In Washington State 2021

We have found the five best car insurance companies in Washington based on 2021 J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study rankings and the average quoted premiums within this state, where Washington is located. Each company was further assessed for its coverage options and available savings opportunities for drivers here!

Company2021 J.D. Power score (Northwest region)Average annual full coverage premium
Geico821 / 1,000$912
PEMCO835 / 1,000$952
Progressive817 / 1,000$974
USA*884 / 1,000$818
State Farm844 / 1,000$951



Geico has been a household name for years. It is the perfect car insurer, as they offer more than just standard coverage and discounted rates: you can choose from an array of emergency roadside assistance programs like rental reimbursement or mechanical breakdown insurance which will ensure that your vehicle is taken care of throughout its life when it inevitably needs maintenance. The best part? You get to have all these features without having to give up on discounts such as wearing your seatbelt every time you drive or getting accident-free with them for 5 consecutive years!



For Washingtonians looking for coverage, PEMCO may be your first stop. Based in Seattle and with the third-highest customer satisfaction ranking in the Northwest region, there are options to suit drivers across state lines such as key replacement and recoding or custom parts after a covered loss from theft or vandalism (up to $1k). If you have pets at home then they get included protection up to $1000 if one of the causes covered damage during their trip away. And don’t worry about budgeting – discounts include ones offered by being part of UW’s alumni association!

3. Progressive offers

Progressive offers more than just cheap car insurance rates. For example, they offer gap coverage and custom parts/equipment protection for your vehicle. They also have disappearing deductibles which can save you up to $50 every six months!

3. State Farm

State Farm is a popular car insurance company. It received the second-highest customer satisfaction score in the 2021 J.D., Power Auto Insurance Study and has local State farms agents in every Washington city, which makes it a great opportunity for drivers who prefer face-to-face interaction when discussing their policy options with an agent. Whether you are a teen driver or have multiple policies with them they offer savings opportunities as well as many discounts such as 10% to 25%.

4. USA:

The USA may be your first choice for auto insurance in Washington, but only if you’re a military member or family. USA offers affordable coverage, earning high J.D Power customer satisfaction ratings and providing discounts that members can take advantage of like the 15% discount on garaging vehicles at base-located parking facilities.


Washington drivers pay as much as $498 less per year because of the state’s commitment to public safety.

Washington was ranked number one for lowest auto insurance premiums in 2016, and it is easy to see why. The average Washington driver pays only about two-thirds what a national driver would spend on minimum coverage or just over half with full coverage due mainly to our stringent requirements that require limits not exceed 25/50/25 (PIP: Personal injury protection; BI&PD Insurance Coverage Liability 50k/$100K).

 Minimum insurance requirements in Washington

There are different requirements for the minimum coverage to protect drivers and passengers from liability claims resulting from an accident or collision. A driver must carry 25/50/10 of bodily injury protection ($25K/$50K/$10k) per person as well as property damage compensation (up to $250).
Washington’s auto-insurance laws require that you purchase a personal injury policy with at least these amounts; however, if your vehicle has been modified by adding aftermarket parts such as larger wheels can cause this amount to increase due to the increased risk of other cars crashing into it because they may not be able to provide enough space when passing on either side.

How to Get the Best Car Insurance?

Getting a car insurance policy is not an easy decision since everyone has their own personal criteria. Factors such as the state requirements and average rates can greatly affect what type of company you end up with, so it’s important to first consider those things before submitting quotes. For example: in Washington drivers will want to think about these factors when looking at policies that are available because they’ll be used by many people around here who have different needs than other states may need.

Evaluate your individual needs

Drivers can evaluate their car insurance needs based on the circumstances. Various factors go into the total cost of your annual car insurance premium such as gender, age, marital status, driving record, and history, etc. Discuss these with a local agent to make sure you are buying the right one for you.

Consider factor of State

Washington is a state with many diverse geographical and environmental factors. For example, Seattle often gets 37 inches of rain across half the year. There are also other considerations to take into account when driving around Washington such as engine protection cover for those living in Seattle or emergency roadside assistance if you happen to live in Moses Lake which is known for its low temperatures during winter months. As an outsider looking at these differences, it’s not hard to see why there might be some variation between drivers on what they consider important add-ons depending on where they’re located because that would impact their unique needs accordingly – no two states can have exactly the same qualities after all!
In addition, one thing worth mentioning about Washingtonians’ insurance coverage rates: 21% of motorists.

Car Insurance Discount In Washington

if you’ve been an excellent driver, a good student, or have multiple policies with that company then there might still be ways for you to save even more money on your premiums by taking advantage of discounts available right now!


It’s not only military personnel, college students, and professionals that can get discounts on car insurance. There are also savings available for first responders, teachers, teens with good grades, and bundling more than one policy together from the same provider!

Military services

Active members of the military often receive additional discounts on their premiums. Companies like USAA offer these special rates as well.

Teens who maintain a high GPA may qualify for an extra discount when they become drivers too- so keep up those A’s in school! Even if you’re already driving without having applied yet or have your license but do not own a vehicle right now because it is financed through someone else (such as parents).


Rates are analyzed based on a 40-year old male with a clean driving record, good credit who owns full coverage limits

$100k bodily injury liability per person,

$300k bodily injury liability per accident

Bankrate has developed a way to help drivers find the minimum coverage limits that meet their state’s requirements and drives. Bankrate also takes into account how much time they spend on the road each day, what type of vehicle they drive, as well as if it is new or used. There are three different types: basic liability-only which covers bodily injury up to $25k per person/$50k maximum;
comprehensive insurance offers protection for car theft losses with no deductible but would be more expensive than other options because it includes physical damage reimbursement in addition to collision damages when paying out claims; lastly, there is unlimited personal injury protection (UPIP) where you get all your medical expenses covered regardless of who was at fault- just like

Frequently Asked Questions

Write about best car insurance companies in Washington?

Depending on your needs, you may opt for a provider offering more local coverage and state-exclusive discounts or one that is nationally trusted and well-reviewed. Consulting third-party sources such as J D Powers ratings can help you review multiple providers quickly but ultimately it will depend on how much risk tolerance each individual has when deciding what policy suits them best with their particular budget in mind!

2. When Should I Get Car Insurance in Washington?

It’s important to understand car insurance laws in Washington if you’re a new resident. If your vehicle is registered elsewhere, it needs the type of coverage required by that state even while driving through or parking at any time within the borders of Washington. Keep this information handy for when and where you need affordable car insurance:
-You have 30 days from the date of arrival in WA to register your automobile with WSDOT (Washington State Department Of Transportation). After registering, explore cheap auto rates on our list here! You may want to get an early start as registration takes place before other transactions such as banking licenses are accepted – so consider whether it might be worth looking ahead now rather than later!

ConclusionRegarding Best Car Insurance In Washington State 2021

Washington seems to be a tough state for drivers. USAA and Progressive offer the best rates. Farmers Insurance’s prices are still considerably higher than those of our competitors in Washington.

The average insurance rate among car insurers is an important consideration when looking for new coverage as it can vary dramatically from carrier to carrier depending on where you live and what policy type you have selected within that area.

In this study, we found out which companies offered the cheapest policies both statewide across all types of coverages combined and by the individual company providing only liability protection. Through this informative blog, you can get useful information about Best Car Insurance In Washington State 2021.

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