Best Law Schools In Texas 2021-
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Best Law Schools In Texas 2021

Do you want to earn a law degree? There are many schools across the country where you can do just that, including Texas. If so, be sure to read this list ranking some of the top JD programs in America! The first thing we looked at was tuition; these rankings were based on how much per year each program charges for their various degrees and available undergraduate options.

We also took into account bar exam success rates (first-time takers) as well as if there is an opportunity to practice abroad or take part in clinical experiences through internships and externship opportunities during your third year of school. This way prospective students will have all they need when it comes time for them to make a decision about which law school best fits with. In this article, we will see Best Law Schools In Texas 2021

1.University of Houston School of Law

The University of Houston Law Center was inaugurated in 1947 and since then it has gained national renown for providing one of the finest legal educations. The law school is ranked among the Top 10 Law Schools in Texas. It takes pride in providing the highest quality legal education to its students by maintaining a full teaching faculty with extensive scholarly activity, as well as offering a small class size and state-of-the-art facilities.

Students can benefit from the expertise of its faculty members who are recognized experts in their fields and have held positions on state supreme courts and at major law schools across the country. The curriculum is flexible with traditional first-year courses supplemented with an emphasis on professional development in the second year.

The law school offers concentrations in International Law, Intellectual Property, as well as Environmental Law. Other opportunities for specialization are availed through its clinics where students can gain hands-on legal experience by taking part in legislative initiatives that improve access to justice, workers’ rights, consumer protection, civil liberties, or environmental protection. The UH School of Law locates on the University of Houston’s downtown campus which puts it in close proximity to judges and practicums sites.

It has a student body of about 700 with the majority being made up of minorities. Its graduates have been partners at some of the biggest law firms in the country.

2. The University of Texas School of Law

The University of Texas School of Law is one the oldest continuously operating law schools in America. It has educating lawyers for over 150 years. The school boasts a long list of alumni who have occupied important positions in business, government, and academia. A unique feature of the school’s curriculum is its Extern Program which allows students to receive credit for working with judges in nearby federal courts.

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The program specializes in areas such as patent, environmental, intellectual property, healthcare, and administrative law and taxation. The school offers Bachelor’s degree programs for students wanting to study law after finishing their college education either at the school itself or at another institution. Students can also specialize in an area of interest by completing a certificate program or a concentration.

The school includes 12 specialty clinics for students to gain hands-on experience in areas such as appellate litigation, criminal defense, finance, health law, and intellectual property.
The faculty work closely with students to help them become the best-prepared lawyers they can be.
Students who are looking for an affordable option to receive their legal education will find what they are looking for at the University of Houston Law Center.

Low tuition rates allow students without adequate financial resources to study law and pay only $45,172 per year in tuition fees. The school offers a variety of scholarships that have offered based on merit or financial need with amounts that range from $1,000 to $10,000. The law center has its main campus in downtown Houston where students have access to numerous internships and opportunities to become involved in the Houston legal community.

The school has a well-regarded as well as respected faculty that has comprised entirely of full-time professors. They has dedicated to teaching and working with students as they progress through their law studies.

3. The Baylor Law School:

The Baylor Law School has highly regarded for its prestige and quality of education received by students. It has been compiling a history that spans over 125 years with three different locations since it has established in 1857. The main campus is located at the College Station where students have access to university libraries stocked with more than 2 million volumes on a wide range of disciplines as well as the world-renowned art as well as American history museum. The school enjoys a close relationship with Baylor University where students have the opportunity to enroll in graduate-level courses for dual degree programs.

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The campus also has access to other educational resources like the Texas Medical Center as well as numerous museums, theaters, and art galleries. Students give the choice of selecting from three different curricular structures which include several electives or complete concentration in one area of interest. The law school operates 13 clinics that provide hands-on experience in areas such as family law, criminal litigation, appellate advocacy, and health law.
The school also offers the on-campus Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration (JD/MBA) which prepares students for a career in law and business.
Students can receive their legal education at the South Texas College of Law Houston or attend its other campuses through distance learning courses.

They work with professors who have experienced practitioners in areas such as international, intellectual property, family, environmental, and immigration law. The curriculum makes it possible for students interested in careers related to medicine, business, and public policy to customize their studies to suit their goals. The school boasts an impressive list of alumni that includes nine judges on federal courts located throughout the country. For clinics that offer the opportunity to work with attorneys, the school has nine crime/immigration, five family law, and one civil litigation clinic.

The university is located in downtown Houston which is easily accessible to students who are residents of nearby communities. Students also benefit from the many cultural offerings and great amenities that can be found in this vibrant city.

3. Dedman School Of Law

Dedman School Of Law At Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University.
If you are looking for a law school in Texas or if you live around Dallas, then visit the website of SMU’s Dedman School. Founded in 1922 by Missouri Supreme Court Justice Charles W. Carter, whose efforts and vision continue to establish this institution as one of the most prestigious and well-respected law schools in Texas.

Further Detail

Known for our diverse student body, one which has consistently recognized across the nation as among the best and brightest. Demand offers a number of scholarships and financial assistance programs to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and leadership qualities.
Dedand school of law at southern Methodist university empowers you to make SMU your home as you pursue a legal education that is among the best in Texas. You can rely on our community for support, guidance, as well as opportunities—a support network that will help propel your success.

The Dedman School of Law’s mission is to educate lawyers committed to enriching lives through their dedication to exemplary client service, professional integrity, ethical behavior civility, and lifelong learning.
SMU Dedman Law students distinguished by intellect, achievement, kindness, creativity, and a sense of adventure. These qualities help our students become leaders in the profession of law and throughout society.

4. Texas Tech University School of Law

Texas Tech University School of Law ( Texas Tech ) is a public, ABA-accredited law school located in Lubbock, Texas. This school has founded in 1925 and made part of Texas Tech University as a result of the passage of House Bill 192 during the 71st Texas Legislature. The bill became effective on September 1, 1971.

It has consistently ranked among the top 100 law schools by American Bar Association statistics and shows an upward trend in its ranking almost every year.
The total enrollment for fall 2013 was 658 students with 554 students pursuing their Juris Doctor degrees and 94 students enrolled in other degree programs such as master’s, L.L.M, S.J.D., or Ph.D. Texas Tech’s Juris Doctor program has fully accredited by the American Bar Association ( ABA ).

Texas Tech also has a part-time program in law, which allows students to work and earn their degrees at the same time.
The Texas Tech University School of Law offers both full-time and part-time programs.

The school also offers dual degrees such as Texas Tech J.D./MBA, Texas Tech J.D./ MSA,
with an expected enrollment for fall 2014 is 653 students ( 551 Juris Doctor seeking students and 102 part-time programs ).


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