Effective and best ways to look skinny in one day-10 tricky waysEffective and best ways to look skinny in one day-10 tricky ways
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Introduction :

Effective and best ways to look skinny in one day

Everyone wants to go to sleep and when he/she wakes up looks skinny. There are ways through which you can achieve that. In this article, you will read about the effective and best ways to look skinny in one day. You to look pretty in that dress which you have seen in store. For this, you should cut carbs and eat a proper diet that is full of fiber. After reading this article you will find the ways through which you look skinny in one day.

If there is a big day of your life and your dream to look slimmer and thinner for this important day you should read this article.


Effective and best ways to look skinny in one day

You should follow these 10 tricks, which will help you to look skinny in one day.

  1. Avoided late-night eating habits.

  2. Evening exercise and walk

  3. Drink more water.

  4. Eat High-Fiber.

  5. Consume less salt

  6. Push-ups your self

  7. Avoid dairy

  8. Tighten your face

  9. Use fresh fruits

  10. Skip the dessert.

Details of these tricks are as under:

  1. Avoided late-night eating habits.

 Eating late at night should be avoided because this may cause weight gain. Late-night eaten food store in the stomach instead of burnt off. You should avoid going to bed after eating at night because in this way you will not look skinny.

  1. Evening exercise and walk

Walking and exercising us also key to looking skinny. You should do and try at least ½ hours walk daily. Try to do 30 minutes walk in the evening as well as morning. Walking and exercising habits will burn your calories and keep you slimmer. They detox your body, so adopt the habit of walking and exercising. Yoga will also help to look skinny. Exercise freshens up your system as well as boosts your metabolism.

  1. Drink more water.

 Drinking more water is also helpful to look skinny and thinner. You should drink more water or hot water if possible because this detoxifies your whole system. Adopt the habit of drinking more water is good for weight loss. You should also put lemon in water because it may also play a vital role to look skinny. If you drink more water it may reduce the chances of constipation as well as dehydration.  Green tea is also good for looking thinner.

  1. Eat High-Fiber.

 If you want to look skinny or lose weight you should add a high-fibre diet. Fiber helps you to feel full because it burns extra calories in your diet. You should add food to your diet as under.

  • Almonds
  • Blackberries
  • Carrots
  • Bananas
  • Raspberries

These fiber full food can burn your extra calories thus you feel fuller with a little food intake. The best way to add more fiber to your diet is by starting your day with fibre-packed food.

  1. Consume less salt

 You should consume less salt by avoiding chips, pickles, as well as food with high sodium. Consuming high sodium in your food makes you healthy and you look bloated. One more thing about salt is that it is more addictive you cannot satisfied with one chip.

  1. Push-ups your self

 Push-ups also help to fat loss because in this way number of muscles engage at a single time. It engages chest muscles. The shoulder muscles as well. This may help to burn calories. Pushups are the best exercise to look skinny.

  1. Avoid dairy

 You should say no to dairy products because they may cause bloating. Especially when you eat dairy products in the morning it may cause make you thicker instead of thinner. So you should not consume dairy products if you wish to look skinny and slimmer.

  1. Tighten your face

 Tighter your face is also effective and the best way to skinny in one day because if you have puffy eyes and checks you should take an ice cube and wrap it into clothes and rub it on your face. If you want to get rid of puffy skin, I recommend you make a coffee mask and apply it. If you want to make it then take 1 tsp coffee powder 1tsp honey. Mix the above ingredients and rub them on your face gently in a round motion. Keep this mask on your face for 20 minutes, then wash it off in this way you look skinny.

  1. Use fresh fruits

 Prefer fresh fruits especially papaya as well as pineapple. These fruits debloat your body and improve your digestive system. You should eat fresh fruit if you look slimmer because fruits are low in calories and high in fiber, which may help to weight loss. Eating more fresh fruits also decreases the chances of high blood pressure cancer heart disease.

  1. Skip the dessert.

 The food which contains sugar also causes more weight gain as well as bloating. You should skip dessert to look skinny and thinner. It includes all sweets ice cream etc. Dessert may add excess fat to your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many push-ups should I do to lose weight and look skinny?

Ans.      If your maximum is under 50 pushups do 200 a day. If you pushups is 75 do 300 pushes a day? This rule will help to look skinny.

     2. what foods cause you to gain weight?

Ans.      Potatoes chips, processed meat, Sugar, Alcohol, and chocolate.


First of all, you should lighter your food to look slimmer. With these Effective And Best Ways To Look Skinny In One Day above describe you should also clear your mind with stress. There are all tips and ways which I have personally tried and got good results.

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