How to Delete a Wix WebsiteHow to Delete a Wix Website
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How to Delete a Wix Website

How to delete a Wii site has become a question for many users of the popular video game system. It is a delicate question that must be answered very carefully because it could have serious consequences on the future of the popular system. The most common method of how to delete a Wii site, according to some researchers and gaming experts, is to reinstall the operating system. This process may work for some people but not for others. If you are one of those people who would like to erase your Wii connections, there are two different steps you should follow. These steps are outlined in this article for your information.

First Step:

The first step on how to delete a Wii site is to erase all files, settings, and options from the hard drive of your Nintendo Wii console. This can be done by clicking on “My Computer” and then highlighting the area where you saved your Wii games. You will see an option for deleting your files; select “Delete.” When you delete these files, your connection to the site will be permanently erased.

Second Step:

The second step on how to delete a Wii site is to download “Delete Wii Connections.” This program is available from the “Support” or “Downloads” sections of the E-shop. This program is used to reverse the process of connecting to the Wii online. If you are able to enter the web address of the unpublish Wii site where you want to erase your connection, you will then see a progress bar appear on the screen. When this bar reaches the “MAX” value, your connection will permanently be deleted.

3rd Step:

The final two steps on how to delete Wix sites are to save the unsaved changes that you made as well as restart your Nintendo Wii. Both of these steps should be performed quickly. A “ciescript” error may be seen on your console; it is a pink question mark on the console that signifies that your connection to the wiki site has failed. It will fail if you have more than nothing to save.


The “Close” and “launch Game Services” buttons should be pressed at this point to start the publishing process. An icon on the taskbar called “Uni Browser Helper” should be clicked. In the left pane of the browser, the “Unlink” button should be clicked. Once you have done all these steps correctly, you will then be able to erase your website permanently from your system.

Advantages Of deleting a Wix site:

How to delete a Wix site in the most effective way is to make use of the “Uni Browser Helper.” This tool is a software program designed to automatically perform a series of tasks for you, such as connecting and deleting a site.

The tool is very useful because it allows you to move forward or backward through a number of steps that you may have to follow manually. It even has an advanced find function that is perfect for those who need to find a specific URL that they might have misspelled or broken. When you want to learn how to delete a Wii site, you need this program to perform all the steps for you.

The main advantage of using this program is that it can perform the steps of how to delete a Wii website permanently without any hassle or bother. All you need to do is open up the program, launch it, and then make use of the browse and select function to search and find your website.

The program also has an advanced find function that is very useful when you are trying to find a specific URL. You should be aware that this option will not work if the URL that you are trying to access has been blocked by a “moderator.” If this is the case, then this tool cannot perform its functions.


How to delete a Wix website is no longer an issue because this program comes with a backup utility that is integrated into it. This means that even if the first method of deleting a Wii website fails, you can still retrieve and save your data files from your hard drive using this tool. In addition, it has a password protection feature that will help you prevent unauthorized access to your files. You can download the software at the website’s download link and can start using it right away to know how to delete a Wix site.

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