How To Exclude Result In GoogleHow To Exclude Result In Google
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How To Exclude Result In Google

There are many steps involved in getting the desired result in Google Search Engine. Most of the steps involved in how to exclude results in Google are quite simple. If we can follow these steps, then we will get the desired result almost immediately.

How To Exclude Result In Google

Steps Of How To Exclude Result In Google:

The steps have been explained below:

Step One:

Go to Google Search and enter the search keyword or phrases. Once the results come out, go through the results and see which pages are not getting displayed. Go over the first page and look for the item that you want to remove from the search results. If you find it, simply remove it from the results. Otherwise, move on.

Step Two:

On the Google home page, click the menu at the top left corner and go to search resources. You will see many links that lead to the various areas of Google. Clicking any of the links will lead you to the area where you can refine your search for particular terms and/or pages.

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Step Three:

If you need to refine your search, use the advanced features of Google. Go to advanced settings and click on the advanced tab .scroll down to the bottom of the page once. Look for the link called “advanced settings”. Under the section named “Google Results”, click on it. You will now see a link titled “exclude some search results”

Step Four:

If you do not find the page or keywords you are looking for in the Google results, you can try another search engine. Go to Yahoo or MSN. Navigate to the search box. When you are in the search engine, type the exact phrase or words that you have searched for in the Google pages. Click the search button and wait for your search to complete.

Step Five:

If the above search engines do not work for you, try using Google Webmaster Tools. Google provides this tool free of cost. With this tool, you will be able to view the source code of any page. You will also be able to see which links are included in the search results and more information about the website owner(s). This tool will allow you to filter out unwanted pages and keywords from the search results.

Step Six:

If you still need more information about the specific website, there is another free search engine called Technorati. Technorati is much different than Google. You are able to search the Technorati website for more information. When you click on the button called “search,” a list of past results will be displayed. Click on the site that fits what you are searching for.


When you learn how to exclude a web page from the Google search results, you will be surprised at just how much information you can obtain. Once you learn how to filter out certain keywords, you can get a very precise idea of the niche market that you are involved with. It is important to learn how to get the most accurate information possible. When the job is done, you can begin to dominate your competition.

Step Seven:

The Google Toolbar will include a tab for your current keywords. To get the most out of this tab, learn how to select your desired keyword. Once you have chosen your keyword, click on “enter” in the toolbar. A drop-down menu will appear where you can choose how many times your selected keyword should appear. This will give you the option to increase or decrease the frequency that your keyword appears on your webpage.

Step Eight:

To learn how to exclude results from Google, try using a longer tail keyword. A longer tail keyword will be less competitive and will appear more often in the search results. The more frequently your keyword appears, the lower the cost per click. Try using the keyword phrase, “How To Exclude Google results?” and see the difference.


Step Nine:

To fully understand how to exclude a Google search result, it is necessary to understand how Google works. Keywords are entered into the search box by the user, the search is then executed against millions of web pages. If your keyword or URL is entered into the search box and it isn’t found on one of these pages Google returns a negative search result. You can also see how Google decides which web pages to return in order to keep its users satisfied with their services.


This is just an example of how to exclude results from Google. There are many other factors including how long the result is shown in order to determine whether it should be shown at all. The Google Toolbar provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to exclude Google results from your website. You can find additional information on the topic by following the links on the Google Toolbar or viewing the Google Webmaster Tools home page. Remember, if you need any assistance using or learning how to exclude Google results, please contact a Google Webmaster helps specialist.

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