How To Nourish Dry Hair?
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How To Nourish Dry Hair?
The secret to learning how to nourish dry hair is to start at the roots. This means you should look for hair care products that contain natural plant oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and emu oil. These oils are very rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that provide your scalp with the necessary nutrients to be healthy.

How To Nourish Dry Hair?
How To Nourish Dry Hair?


These nutrients are particularly important because they can help to reduce split ends, as well as protect your hair from the damage caused by the constant pulling and rubbing your hair goes through. Natural oils with ultra sheen products will also provide your scalp with the right amount of moisture it needs to remain strong and vibrant. In addition, olive oil will leave your hair shiny and beautiful.

Split ends problems

Split ends are one problem that plagues many people. Unfortunately, if you don’t treat your split ends, they can lead to a lot of extra work and expense. When split ends are left untreated for too long, they become brittle and even cause damage to your hair. You might also find yourself cutting more than you need to because the broken ends become more noticeable when you cut them, due to the fact they can’t be thoroughly cleaned.

Add moisture to your hair

The next time you’re looking for a good way to nourish your dry scalp, try adding more moisture. Most essential oils, including olive oil, coconut oil, and emu oil, are rich in moisturizers. If you rub a teaspoonful of these oils along with your hair, you’ll find they’ll immediately bring back some shine and bounce. In addition, you’ll find they improve the texture of your hair. This means they will reduce frizziness and make your hair smooth and shiny.

3 Best Natural Remedies

Many people opt to use natural remedies when trying to nourish dry hair. Herbal hair products are an excellent choice. There are many essential oils that help with oily conditions. Chamomile is one oil that many women use to naturally thicken their hair. It can be used in salons, or you can simply purchase a bottle at your local drugstore and have it massaged into your hair while you wait. Both bath products and body washes can be used to apply the oil, if desired.

1. Lavender

Lavender is another oil that many people opt to use to naturally thicken their coarse and frizzy hair. The scent of the flower has a subtle but wonderful aroma that makes many people feel calm and relaxed. To get the most benefits from lavender essential oil, simply mix a few drops into your moisturizing shampoo. Use the combination of shampoo and essential oil as often as you like. The more frequently you use this remedy, the more quickly you’ll notice less frizzy hair.

2. Rosemary

One more excellent option is to add a few drops of Rosemary essential oils to your shampoo. The scent of the herb has a very pleasant smell. This adds a little bit of pizazz to your otherwise dull and lifeless hair and makes your hair look gorgeous. Before you know it, your dry hair will be beautifully nourished and your hairstyle will be on its way to a new, fresher appearance.

3. Use olive oil

Use olive oil as often as you need to deep condition your hair strands. Mix one teaspoon of this oil with half a cup of warm water, and massage it into your scalp and hair roots. Leave it on for about 15 minutes before washing out with a mild shampoo. You’ll find that using olive oil to deep condition your hair strands will result in healthier-looking hair and less breakage.

Tips  For oily hair

The same holds true for oily hair. There are several oils that can be used to naturally thicken oily hair. One of the best ones to use is coconut oil. Simply mix a few drops of coconut oil into your dry shampoo and massage it into your hair. You’ll immediately notice a difference as coconut oil nourishes your hair follicles and makes it shinier than ever before.


One more ingredient you might want to consider using when you’re looking to replenish your hair is tea tree oil. It’s an essential oil that will benefit anyone who has a problem with their scalp. It’s a natural degreasing agent that helps eliminate flakiness and unruly hair. To use coconut oil or tea tree oil, simply apply them to your dry scalp and leave them on. You can then rinse out your hair after the recommended time.

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