How to Reduce Pitta Immediately?How to Reduce Pitta Immediately?
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Brief Introduction of pitta?

How to Reduce Pitta Immediately?

Pitta is bodily energy that is moisture as it jumbles up the elements of fire and water. This element controls digestion, metabolism, as we as the transformation of the body. Pitta is the hottest part of the body because it is linked to fire. The Pitta may increase body heat. This creates inflammation, anger, and many other symptoms that are not good.


Signs of excess Pitta

  1. Excess pitta can plain in the body
  2. In the body painful sensation of heat.3.
  3. Acid reflux, gastric or peptic ulcers, heartburn4.
  4. Acute inflammation in the body or joints.5.
  5. Indigestion, constipation, or diarrhea6.
  6. Malaise or nausea when skipping meals.7.
  7. Anger, irritability, frustration8.
  8. Bad breath and body odor.9.
  9. Excessive sweating10.
  10. Impatience, criticism, judgment, intolerance11.
  11. Extreme perfectionist tendencies person’s complexion can also indicate whether there is pitta in the body. Too much pitta in the blood cause skin breakouts for example hives, acne, as well as red rashes.

Causes of excess Pitta

There are many causes of excess Pitta which are including:

  1. Eating a diet that triggers pitta
  2. Exposure to chemicals
  3. Too much sun exposure, sunburn
  4. Emotional stress

How To Reduce Pitta Immediately?

While how to reduce pitta immediately is the question which requires immediate attention, before knowing the solution you must know about its causes. There are many factors that are the reason for pitta or pitta imbalance. Here some very important are discussed as under:

  1. submission of the opposite pitta diet
  2. Excessive consumption of preservatives.
  3. Sun exposure
  4. Exposure to too many chemicals
  5. Physical or emotional stress

Still, wondering How To Reduce Pitta Immediately? Here is a diet recommendation for you to follow.

Fresh fruits and vegetables playing a vital role in reducing pitta.

When choosing to placate pitta foods, it is important to maintain the difference between flavors, as anything sweet can work to your advantage, but a fruit or vegetable which tastes bitter may work against your body. Read more about the different types of flavor. Every person should use vegetable fruits and fresh juices because no one denies their importance. One should take it 30 minutes before or an hour after any meal. It will help you digest food properly and make the most of your diet.

1) Some healthy fruits to reduce pitta from the body:

Apples, apricots, berries, coconut, cherries, dates, pear, plums, mango, orange, papaya, melons, pomegranate, strawberries, watermelon, and grapes

2) Vegetablesthat should not eat if you want to reduce pitta:

Avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, coriander/coriander, peas, squash, radishes, cabbage, sweet potatoes, spinach, lettuce, okra, cucumber, potatoes, green leafy vegetables, and mushrooms, among others.


How to reduce pitta immedietly?

How to reduce pitta immediately?

3) Grains that support the pitta diet:

Couscous, Oats, Barley, Granola, Tapioca, Quinoa, Wheat, Pasta, Pancakes, Amaranth as well as rice.

Grains that should avoid are the following: buckwheat, millet, corn, muesli, rye, polenta, leavened bread, as well as brown rice.

5) List of dairy products :

Following dairy products should use are cow’s milk, cottage cheese, goat cheese, Unsalted butter, ghee, ice cream, yogurt, and goat’s milk.

Dairy Products that should not use are Salted butter, buttermilk, frozen yogurt, sour cream, hard cheese, and fruit-based or preservative-based yogurts.

6) Nuts and seeds that support pitta remedies for health:

Most nuts and seeds can play a vital role in reducing pitta.
Some nuts and seeds that one should consume are following almonds, flax seeds, coconuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and popcorn (unsalted and unsalted)

Nuts and seeds that one should not eat are the following:
Cashews, Almonds with skin, Pine nuts, Walnuts, Tahini, Walnuts, Sesame seeds, Pistachios, Chia seeds, as well as Peanuts

7) Meats:

Thinking about how to reduce pitta immediately when on a non-vegetarian diet? Read more.

Sweet-tasting, dry animal meat works best for reducing pitta. You should include Meat in your diet for example chicken, shrimp, rabbit, venison, fish, eggs, and buffalo meat.

Meats that should not use are Beef, egg yolk, duck, pork, salmon, shellfish, sardines, lamb, fish, tuna as well.

8) Oils that are important for reducing pitta:

Coconut oil, linseed oil, evening primrose oil, sunflower oil, olive oil soybean oil, ghee, and walnut oil.

Oils that one should avoid are the following: almond oil, sesame oil, corn oil, as well as apricot oil

9) Spices:

Spices play a crucial role in our kitchen. So if you’re wondering which spices to favor and which to avoid, then tackle the question of how to reduce pitta.

Spices should use Basil, black pepper, coriander, ginger, fennel, mint, orange peel, saffron, peppermint, cinnamon, dill, cardamom, parsley, and vanilla.

Spices that should avoid bay leaf, garlic, mace, hing, nutmeg, salt, sage, thyme, cloves, fenugreek, rosemary, and mace.
mustard seeds

10) Sweeteners:

Sweet foods are famous to balance pitta in the body and thus most of them support the system. But you should manage in a proper way.

Sweeteners that one should eat are maple syrup, dates, and barley syrup.

Following Sweet things should avoid honey, brown sugar, molasses, and white sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I drink to maintain an optimal level of Pitta?

Ans: Drinking more water is a good way to reduce pitta. Zeera water also plays a vital role after meals. Coconut water, as well as fresh fruit juices, are also crucial for reducing pitta.


With the help of these remedied, you can reduce pitta although you can also consult with the doctor. If he recommended medical treatment then follow.

When pitta does not reduce it can cause anger. Meditation can increase your awareness and ability to control these negative emotions.

Meditation can also help relieve mental and emotional toxicity brought on by unhealthy relationships and/or stressful jobs. Meditation practice can help you cultivate patience and compassion. This blog will be helpful for your if you want to get the answer to How to Reduce Pitta Immediately?


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