NTS General Knowledge MCQS 2022

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#1. Drawin is the sea port of which country?

#2. Geographically, greenland is in which continent?

#3. Which country is known as land of song?

#4. Drawin is the sea port of which country?

#5. Which animal’s milk is black?

#6. Which one is the official language of Republic of Senegal?

#7. Bodpola is the highest point Mountain Pass of the world which is situated in?

#8. Name the first woman speaker of US Congress?

#9. The Caucasus Mountain Range is located at the intersection of

#10. April is observed internationally as...

#11. The headquarter of Organization for Security and Co--operation in Europe (OSCE) is located in..

#12. The Nobel Prize was awarded for the first time in?

#13. The headquarters of “Green Peace International” is located in?

#14. How many countries are currently members of the United Nations?

#15. A “bale” is a standard size and weight of compressed

#16. We live on the planet Earth. According to the scientists, the Earth was formed about ........years ago.

#17. Which country is building Mars Science City to develop technology to colonize Mars?

#18. The international border line between Poland and Germany is?