What Is the Number One Job in Healthcare 2022
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What Is the Number One Job in Healthcare 2022?
There are numerous jobs in healthcare. Every job has its own purpose and there are specific responsibilities that come along with each job. While most people think of a hospital as the place where they receive their healthcare, there are actually other workplaces.

1. Medical Technician

One of the most popular jobs in healthcare is being a medical technician. Medical technicians perform important tasks such as communicating with patients and their families, lab work and clerical work. In some ways, it is like a combination of a nurse and a pharmacy technician. If you want to work in this profession, you can obtain a certificate at an area college or through the local workforce training center. Once you have completed the program, most employers will hire you on the spot.

i. Pharmacy Technician

Another common job in the field is a pharmacy technician. This position is similar to that of a nurse. However, instead of prescribing medication, a pharmacy technician will handle medication bottles. This is, however, usually performed by a male pharmacy technician. Male pharmacy techs are usually younger, since most of them began working as apprentice pharmacy technicians while they were in school.

ii. Podiatrist

One of the most exciting jobs in healthcare is a podiatrist. A podiatrist is also commonly known as a doctor of foot. A podiatrist specializes in treating ailments of the feet and legs. Some of the most common ailments treated by a podiatrist include arthritis, fractures, nerve injuries and sprains. If you are interested in this career, you will need to attend a chiropractic college before you begin working. Podiatrists receive their doctorates at colleges such as the University of Michigan.

2. Surgical Technologist.

Another exciting job in healthcare is a surgical technologist. Surgical technologists are responsible for helping surgeons perform various types of surgery. These include surgeries involving the diagnosis, treatment, and removal of tissue, organs or even a spinal cord. Most surgical technologists begin their careers by spending two years receiving an associate’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. After completing a two-year program, these professionals can look forward to working in hospitals, surgical centers, and other health care offices.

3. Dental Assistant

The third position on the list of what is the number one job in healthcare is a dental assistant. Dental assistants are responsible for doing a variety of tasks inside a dental office including but not limited to preparation of x-rays, suturing and other preparation related to tooth surgeries. Dental assistants also assist dentists with procedures like teeth cleaning, suturing and other related procedures. To become a dental assistant, you will need to obtain a two-year degree from an accredited vocational school.

4. Nurse

The fourth position on the list of what is the number one job in healthcare is a nurse. Registered nurses play a large role in healthcare as they provide primary care to patients in the hospital, doctor’s office and other facilities. Nurses learn both on the job training and obtaining additional education. They can specialize in particular areas of medicine like pediatrics, women, and neonatology.

5. Pharmacy Technician

The fifth position on the top list of what is the number one job in healthcare is a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists deliver prescriptions to patients. Pharmacy techs can obtain additional education by attending a community college or through a pharmacy technician certificate program. Most people choose to follow this line of work after completing a four-year degree program at a community college or through a certificate program. Although this line of work is extremely lucrative, it does come with a lot of responsibility.

6. Medical Office Manager

The sixth position on the top list of what is the number one job in healthcare is a medical office manager. Medical office managers manage departments within a hospital or office, depending on their size. They are generally called management consultants. Their responsibilities include staffing, budgeting, and operations. If a medical office manager fails to get a job in healthcare, they may have to spend several years getting a new position.

7. Pharmaceutical

The seventh position on the list of what is the number one job in healthcare is a pharmaceutical representative. Pharmaceutical representatives work directly with pharmaceutical companies to promote their products and sell them to consumers. They can be found in hospitals, physician offices, and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. This line of work requires graduate-level degrees in business or management and several years of industry experience.

8. Administrator

Finally, at number eight, on the list of what is the number one job in healthcare, you will find the role of an administrator. They direct general activities of a healthcare facility such as financial and operational activities. An administrator is generally responsible for hiring and managing staff.  So they must also keep records and processes up to date. With a degree in healthcare administration, many doctors, nurses, and other administrators can find full-time positions after obtaining their undergraduate degrees.


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